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When installing a wind turbine we recommend that the customer have at least a
4-4.5m/s (9-10mph) annual wind speed and appx. 1/2 acre of land or larger. Wind Speed Classes: Class 3—Good, 4—Better, 5—Best

Check your local ordinances to make sure that a wind turbine tower is allowed, also check with your electric service provider to see if they already have an existing purchase agreement.
Height of turbine could either make you or break you. Too low could reduce production by as much as 90%.

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What Makes Our
Turbines Special?
Besides the sleek look and cutting edge technology, what makes this turbine special is the variable pitch system.
The variable pitch system tilts the blades at different wind speeds to optimize output. Because of the variable pitch, this turbine is able to produce in very stronger winds. Other turbines have to shut down in high winds, for fear of burning up the machine.
This turbine is not some “discount store” item. It is made entirely of top quality materials. There are only 2 moving parts, therefore it only has to be serviced once every 18 months.
The inverter is mounted on the ground for easy access and monitoring. It is not built into the turbine, like some of the other cheap products on the market.
Sound: This turbine can be compared to a quiet office environment.
Did You Know?
*The amount of power that is produced by a wind turbine is determined by the speed of the wind.
(more wind=more power) (taller tower=more wind)
*The utility company is required to purchase excess power that is produced by your turbine.
*Most turbines are listed by the size of their generator, some companies however, list their turbine by the rotor diameter, which is misleading in that it will produce more than it is actually rated.
Things To Consider
1. A 2 mph increase in wind, at times, will allow the turbine to produce 73% more energy!
2. Obstructions within 300ft VS. Height of tower: Try to mount your turbine 35ft above any obstacle within 300ft.
3. Also see our SOLAR section for other options.
4. A 5 Year warranty on Turbine.
Disclaimer - Prices and availability subject to change without notice. Although we try to assure accuracy, VES cannot be responsible for typographical or photo errors on our web site.